Christians Threaten Kamakoti Magazine – Ishwar Sharan

In June of 1991, an article on the St. Thomas myth and the destruction of the original Kapaleeswara Temple on the beach by the Portuguese appeared in Kamakoti, a Hindu magazine published out of Mylapore. The historical features continued for some months with articles on St. Ignatius Loyola and St. Francis Xavier and the destruction of temples in Madras, Chingleput and Arcot districts by Muslims. The source materials for the articles were Voice of India publications. Suddenly, after three months the articles stopped and Hindu Voice International issued the following press release on 22 September 1991:

Madras: Christian fanatics have sent a letter to Kanchi Kamakoti Shankaracharya Math, Kanchipuram, threatening to bomb the office of Kamakoti, a journal edited by T.S.V. Hari and published by T.V.S. Giri from Madras, if it does not stop a serial on the Hindu temples destroyed by Christians and converted into churches in the yesteryears. The journal has been publishing the serial based on authoritative historical sources and evidences produced by renowned research scholars. Even The Vedanta Kesari, a monthly of Ramakrishna Math, published from Madras, had recently carried an article by no less a person than Swami Tapasyananda, Vice-President of the Math, pointing to evidence of the destruction of the ancient Kapaleeswara Temple which was converted into San Thome Church.[1] It is learnt that a copy of the threatening letter from fanatic Christians has been forwarded to the authorities for necessary action. The publisher of the journal, without commenting on the letter, told our correspondent that they do not intend to stop the serial succumbing to the threat.

In fact, the publisher did stop the series of articles and sent the editor, his son Hari, into exile in Mumbai. Years later, Hari apologised to this writer for his father’s apparent cowardice and explained that he was under pressure from the authorities to discontinue the series.

1. See the article “The Legend of a Slain Saint to Stain Hinduism” reproduced in this book.